Fun with art. Methodological manual for teachers

Work with a talented, sensitive or shy in small groups. Age groups: 5-7 years; 7-9 years; 9-13 years. Over 100 topics arts).

Pulse Publishing House. Krakow (I and II Edition 2005); (Third Edition 2006).

Plastic alphabet

Quizzes and fun of the visual arts for children and youth. Unity. Kielce (2005).



Colored glass or how to talk to young children about art

Pulse Publishing House. Kraków (2007).



The most important years. Personality development of the child between the ages of 2 to 6 years, based on his drawings

Pulse Publishing House. Krakow (I Edition 2007); (Second Edition 2009).


plastyczne-wymyslankiPlastic invent-Anki or how young children talk about art

Pulse Publishing House. Kraków (2011).



Lexicon of the Bible

Diocesan Publishing and Printing in Sandomierz. Sandomierz (2014).



biblia w krzyzowceBible in crossword puzzle and biblical messages in riddles and rebuses

Publisher Bernardinum 2016.