There is another my article from artetherapy in the June issue of the Życie szkoły magazine.


arteterapia Kalbarczyk

FUN WITH ART. How to work with a talented, sensitive and shy child. Over one hundred topics ready to be implemented. The book is available only in libraries.

Plastyczne wymyśl-Anki arteterapia

Plastic invent-Anki or how young children talk about art. It is not easy to talk about art to young children. This book opens the child to art matters in a simple way.

2 adres

Plastic alphabet. Quizzes and fun of the visual arts for children and youth.

Book containing a compendium of knowledge about fine arts. It contains examples of many interesting games that bring art issues closer. The book is only in libraries. Ew. to buy only from the author.

edukacja wczesnoszkolnaI encourage you to read the proposals for scenarios in the field of visual arts, which can be found in my monthly articles in the journal Życie szkoły. These are methodical materials depicting examples of art classes in initial teaching supported by my photographs.

artThere is already my next artetherapy article in the May magazine Życie szkoły.


At this year's Warsaw Book Fair, which starts on May 17, you can buy (please ask at the Bernardinum stand) my book entitled Bible in crossword and biblical messages in puzzles and rebuses.