frgmzima trzymaWhat is the purpose of sticking tiny pieces of paper on a piece of paper during art classes? Does not this trigger in children discouragement or aggression? If it has to be a tearing up paper, it is a mosaic technique (photo above).

Miłość nigdy nie ustaje


Is spring already visible?



Minuses. Same cons. 

For warming up my feuilleton from previous years.

It is worth deepening biblical knowledge, because this is very poor, oh poor:

Who were the Levites?

Jacob (Israel) had twelve sons and one daughter.

Jacob was the third son of Levi. A mother of Levi was Lea.

The Levites reaffirmed their faith in God, then, when the desert the other tribes of Israel has made a golden calf.

Three sons (Gershon, Kohath, and Merari) Levi and his descendants then crashed their tents close to the Tabernacle.

Because it is God commanded them to take care of the Tent of Meeting.

The Levites bore the Ark of the Covenant.

Later they cared about the Temple.

The descendants of Kohath were priests (Kohathites was a descendant of Aaron, among others).

The Levites lived in forty-eight cities in Canaan.

They got these cities from other eleven tribes of Israel.

Levites were entrusted the fate of the oracle (Urim and Thummim).