I'm calling a state institution to get advice. And I hear: "Your connection is seventh in the waiting queue."

And in the background lively music.

After a few minutes, the queue is heard and the voice says: "Your call is sixth in the waiting queue."

And I wait a few minutes again.

Maybe I'll finally get it.

But the voice says: "Your call is the eighth waiting queue." 

And in the background music.  

That's how she gets rid of the intruder. Do not let him call you again and ask.

The longer I wait, the queue increases.   


The phone number is a consultant is not there. There is only a voice repeating like a mantra: "Your call is the ninth in the waiting queue". 

"Your call is tenth in the waiting queue." "Your connection is eleventh in the queue ...."

until spring 

I do not like winter. I am waiting for storks. I am waiting for warmth.  And for the sun.

Pokłon Trzech Króli


And you Bethlehem Efrata,

You are the smallest among the tribes of Judah!

I'll get out of you The one who will rule in Israel, and his origin from the beginning,

from the days of eternity.           

                                    Mi 5,1



Merry Christma Merry Christmas