cieńStill the summer rays of the sun paint the shadow of the sphinx on the fabric.

kawon aA jak adres

Kawon is a lycopene mine.


Mimosa bloom. And that means one thing.

Autumn is approaching.

Empty nests stork.

Cold mornings and cold evenings.

Summer is leaving


The Prophet Elijah feared. Who or what is feared? 

He was afraid of a bad woman named Izebel. She, the queen of Israel, wanted to kill Elijah. She wanted revenge for the death of the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal.The question of God addressed to Elijah can be interpreted as follows: What are you doing here, Elijah? Why are you hiding in the cave?

You are not called to be afraid and run away. Go and act.

35 sewage wells and 10 sewage grates along the road section of 500 m.

I counted.

Still somewhere in Poland is similar.

At the section of the road with a length of 2, 2 km is 147 manholes.

So 32.5 wells for 500 m. So less. I do not know how many sewage grates there are.

Congratulations for road engineering.

It has something to boast about. 35 studzienek i 10 kratek