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Sometimes I think of the woman to whom God sent Elijah the prophet.

I tell you, many of the widows were in Israel at the time of Elijah, when the sky was closed for three years and six months, so that great famine reigned in the whole country; And Elijah was not sent to any of them, but to this widow in Sidon of Sidon. L 4.24-26


Somewhere near Sidon, a widow lived. And exactly in Zarephath.

It was there that he was sent by God to the prophet Elijah. God chose the widow that fed Elijah.

Throughout Israel, then there was famine.

When Elijah arrived at Zarephath, he saw a widow. He is gathering firewood. She was very poor.

He asked her for water to drink. Immediately she went to bring it to him.

Then he called to her to bring him as a slice of bread.

The woman said that apart from a small amount of meal in a barrel and oil in a dish, there is nothing more to eat. Prepares life just last meal for herself and for her son.

Elijah told her to first baked a cake for him. And then he baked the same for himself and for his son.

Because God said that the flour in the jar or olive oil in the vessel does not run out until the day when the drought will end, and God will send the rain.

The woman believed Elijah. I did as instructed her.

First I baked a cake for Elijah. A flour not disappeared, nor the oil does not run out. Miracle. Then cooking up a meal for himself and for his son.

And so it was every day.

God is never wrong in their election.

There were many widows in Israel in the prophet Elijah, but none of them has not been sent but to a widow in Zarephath of Sidon.

God sent Elijah outside Israel.

strach"I'm afraid to ask," Often I hear from children. "I am afraid to ask the priest, because I will get one." "I'm afraid to ask the teacher, because I'll get one". And then I reply: "I am also afraid of school". And I rarely I visit to school. I avoid school buildings. Maybe future generations will come up with another form of teaching. Because this is already a relic. The pupil has wider horizons than the teacher. The pupil wants to know more. And the teacher is not necessarily. The teacher is to realised the program. An inquisitive pupil becomes troublesome. Hence, it should be "seated one".More will not he inquiredLet him learn without inquiring, by rote. And have in it a coded fear. The programmed cyborg is supposed to be like a machine. Do not create, just play, according to what others want. There is no room for individualism. Well, what to do with such a talented individual? Where is his place in school. Where is his place in society? After all, it's a problem. And such a person is not needed at all.

geniuszAn image composed of van Gogh paintings in my book Plastic alphabet: 1. Langlois Bridge. 2. Starry night. 3. Chair and pipe. 4. Artist's room. 5. Sunflowers. 6. Postman Roulin. 7. Self-portrait with cut-off ear. 8. Boats on the beach in Saintes-Maries de la Mer. 9. Night cafe.

8.www A portrait of van Gogha placed in my book Plastic alphabet drawn by me according to the Van Gogh Self-Portrait.

About the movie: "Your Vincent:":

"I would like people to say about me: This man feels deeply, this man feels subtle".This is a quotation from van Gogh's letters, appearing in the movie "Your Vincent". I watched. And I do not regret it. In the cinema 5 people. Big city. It does not surprise me.Yes it must be. Statistically well.I thought about van Gogh I know almost everything. I know his paintings. Years ago, as a young person I read his "Letters to a brother". I have read "Passion of Life" several times I.Stone'a.(There are only two books that I have read many times in my life: "The Children of Bullerbyn" by A. Lindgren and "The Passion of Life" by I. Stone). I wanted to see this movie about brilliant artist . More than 100 artists were involved in the film. They painted individual film frames in oil technique. Masterpiece. Movie vibrating as van Gogh paintings. I feel emotion. In a similar convention I would watch movies about my favorite artists. And they are: Chagall, Matisse and Gauguin.


Maybe someday someone will understand that the education of children in early school age is needed for them to develop.

Jedwab dla koneserów2

Silk is a little known fabric in Poland and is confused with other fabrics, such as viscose.

Painting on silk is a pure pleasure. It is like the singing of birds in summer.

I wear silk headscarves in the winter. Because they give a lot of heat. I do not need woolen.